Owen Salamao is a true philanthropist and an incredible human being who has dedicated his life to helping individuals, families, and charities focus on the core things that matter to them. He believes that human beings can make a better future and can shape a better world for the coming generations if they identify their true purpose.


However, he understands life events can sometimes be out of our control. Therefore, his main aim is to ensure his clients have a plan in place to make sure their hard work lives beyond their existence. His message “Your legacy is my duty” symbolizes his purpose of maximising the positive impact of others in his personal and professional journey.

Owen takes pride in working for Bigmore Associates a Life Planning and Wealth Management firm in Walton-on-Thames. Bigmore Associates was founded when Britain had just switched over to decimal currency, we had not yet joined the E.C. and a 3-bedroom house in Walton on Thames cost £8,000. We are a financial services business which provides independent financial advice to a broad range of private individuals, trusts and small businesses.


We have never grown too big. Our first concern is always to offer our existing clients the best financial advice and service we can. So when you become a client of Bigmore Associates you will know we have the capacity to do the same for you. We are frank about fees. You will always know in advance how much our services will cost…..we do not like to be surprised by fees and we know our clients do not either.